Ranger WvW Crippler build

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Ranger WvW Crippler build Empty Ranger WvW Crippler build

Post by Santus on Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:08 am

This is a personal build that should fit our game style in wvw. I tested it in spvp and it worked quite good. It focuses on crippling the enemy to force them to suffer all the aoe dps of our team. It has a good aoe dmg too, and some strong team related utilities.


Markmanship 20: Opening Strike, Steady Focus, Alpha Training, Eagle Eye
Skirmishing 20: Tail Wind, Sharpened Edges, Furious Grip, Honed Axes
Wilderness Survival 10: Natural Vigor, Wilderness Knowledge
Nature Magic 20: Rejuvenation, Strenght of Spirit, Fortifying Bond, Nature’s Protection
Beastmastery 0


Healing: Healing Spring
Muddy Terrain
Quickening Zephyr
Signet of the Hunt
Elite: Entangle


Full set Power+Toughness+Vitality
5 Runes of Dolyak/Soldier + 1 Rune with Toughness


Longbow Power+Precison+Crit. Dmg with sigil of Hydromancy
Axe Power+Precison+Crit. Dmg with sigil of Fire
Horn Power+Precison+Crit. Dmg with sigil of Accuracy

Full Ruby Orichalcum of The Berserk


I recommend Moas, due to F2 skills that buff the whole team with Fury/Might

Before engaging the enemy you buff the team with pet skill F2. Then, with the longbow, use Quickening Zephyr and Barrage on the enemies. Quickening Zephyr should let you cast Barrage in 2 secs. Then you run to you enemies and use Entangle to block them. Switch to axe+horn, use Call of the Wild to buff the team and then start hitting with skill 1 (some pretty bouncing aoe). If they are still alive and trying to flee (or your Entangle was on cooldown) it’s time to use Muddy Terrain to cripple them again. Hit again with axe, then switch to Longbow to freeze and finish off the downed with Rapid Fire.


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