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What's your favourite day for a warband?

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Post by Santus on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:04 am

During the last week we are having both good performances and bad performances in our roaming activities. This happens because some days we are mission key classes in our group, and our team goes out of balance. There are days when we don't have enough warriors and we lack the dps. There are days when we don't have guardians and we lack protection and healing. Sometimes we miss swiftness buffs. And we still miss mesmers in our group. While we keep recruiting and training, I want you to choose an evening in which we'll roam with a team of 10-15 players. During that evening I'll be in a super serious mode:
1) Everyone must be playing his best class;
2) Everyone must be 80 and top equipment;
3) We'll follow the standard team and builds composition (for 10-15 players);
4) No need to repeat this but... everyone on Mumble;
5) No whining, no quitting.
If you can't satisfy the first 2 requirements, you'll have a free evening!
During this evening we'll only roam, avoiding any kind of sieges (except some camps).

So... let's start to vote. I'll be spamming it in guild too. Next week I want to start this "special roaming".


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