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Guardian WvW Support Tank Empty Guardian WvW Support Tank

Post by Santus on Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:04 am

This is my personal build for a pure support tank guardian. That means that with this build you will be able to heal,cure conditions and give boons to the party and to keep yourself alive even against 4 or 5 enemies.


Zeal: 0

Radiance: 5

Valor: 30 VI: retributive armor IX honorable shield XI altruistic healing

Honor : 30 III: writ of exaltation V: resolute healer XI: pure of voice

Virtues: 5

utilities: "stand your ground" "save yourselves" "hold the line"
elite: renewed focus
heal: signet of resolve


Full set Power + Vitality + Toughness (karma set/invader set/Ac set… you choose)
6 Superior Runes of Soldier

Jewelry: full sapphire orichalcum of the cleric, i mix with power vitality toughness but it's your choice

Weapons: cleric Shield+cleric mace with superior sigil of energy and crest of soldier

cleric staff with superior sigil of energy

It's not an easy build to use because the dps is very low. You haven't to be focused on enemies but on your group. So forget to chase enemies or to go in wvw alone. Remember to use shouts to cure conditions and don't spam them unless it's necessary.

Remember to buy and use in wvw "quality maintenance oils" and "tarragon stuffed poultry" or better!

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