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Post by Santus on Fri Apr 05, 2013 8:41 am

Let's clarify some aspects ot a tecnique that sometimes we use against our enemies.

First of all, we don't use portal bombs. Portal bomb implies the group to stack up on a portal entrance, wait for a mesmer to open the portal exit under the enemy group (while stealthed), use the portal and aoe spam the enemies. I don't like portal bomb cause it is very slow, and it is effective only against umprepared enemies. If enemies are smart enough they will aoe the portal exit and... end of story.

Our portal works in a different way. We deploy the portal exit while in movement, lure enemies to follow us and use the portal entrance to appear behind them. This kind of portal is very effective when using natural environment at our favour.

It can be used as an evasive manouver too: head north and let them chase you, then portal and head south.

It has several others uses, we'll learn them while playing.

Just remember to avoid stacking up on a portal exit: follow the group leader and get ready for the portal entrance.


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