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Thian official rules! Empty Thian official rules!

Post by Santus on Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:37 pm

Thian is a wvw focused guild. If you joined us, then you are probably interested in wvw. If you joined us and you are not interested in wvw, then you are a total moron, and you can go back to pve!

So the first rule is: play wvw.

Thian is a small guild, that values quality over quantity. If you joined Thian to be a zerg, then you worse than a pver. Please quit guild before I kick you.

So the second rule is: use your brain while playing.

Thian is structured on 4 levels of player:

1) Team members. They are part of our wvw roaming team. They are our elite force. Being part of the team requires effort. To be part of the team you need to be logged in our Mumble and follow orders of the team leader. You'll need proper class, build and equipment. And you can't forget our second rule.

2) WvWers. They are our casual wvwers. They aren't part of the team, but they follow us during our casual wvw evenings, when we use commander. They are asked only to register in this forum, and follow the orders the commander writes in chat.

3) Allies. They are members from our allied guilds. They are here to receive support during guild missions. They usually join us in wvw during casual evenings.

4) Adepts. they are our new recruits. They are under evaluation. After a proper amount of time they are promoted to wvwer or team member. Or kicked back to pve.

All members are asked to register in this forum, and check the calendar for scheduled missions.

So the third rule is: use this forum!

Thian is a guild proud of its members. We don't require to represent us all the time. We require represent only in wvw.

So the fourth rule is: represent us when you are in wvw!

When we are in wvw we play it seriously. If a commander from our guild is in wvw, guild members have to follow him. If you are following another commander leave at once, and join our commander. If you don't follow your commander there's no sense in staying in Thian. You'll be kicked back to pve.

So the fifth rule is: when in wvw, stay with your guild commander and guildmates.

There's another rule. Only team members need to follow thsi rule: USE MUMBLE.

There are more implicit rules, like avoid being a moron and an asshole. We don't care about your sexual attitudes, we don't care about your race, we don't care if you are male or female, we don't care if you are old or young. Play wvw, play it good, follow our 5 rules. That's all.


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