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Post by Santus on Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:11 am

Team composition (10 members):

Warrior (Shouts)

Warrior (Shouts)

Guardian (Support)

Guardian (Support)

Guardian (Support/Balanced)

Mesmer (Confusion glamour)

Ranger (Dps crippler)

Ranger (Dps crippler)

Elementalist (Support)

Necromancer (Condition wells)

This is the standard composition for a 10 men team.

At the moment we have enough guardians, thieves and rangers. We need 3-4 warriors, 1-2 mesmers, 1-2 elementalists, 1-2 necros.

An engineer can substitute a necro.

Team composition (15 members):

2 Warrior (Shouts) Sword+Axe/Hammer

1 Warrior (Shouts) Sword+Axe/Greatsword, Berserk Equipment

2 Guardian (Support)

2 Guardian (Support/Balanced)

2 Mesmer (Confusion glamour)

2 Ranger (Dps crippler)

1 Elementalist (Support) Staff

1 Elementalist (Balanced) Dual daggers

1 Thief (Tank) Shortbow/Dual daggers

1 Necromancer (Condition wells)


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