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Post by Santus on Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:55 am

This section of the forum will be about our new WvW only guild on Ruins of Surmia server. After some time spent in WvW me and a few friends grew tired of the zerg system, and we built a roaming team. Our pourpose is to move fast trough the map, lure enemies into traps, flank enemy lines. And collect a tons of badges. So if you’re tired of spending 2 hours on a trebuchet or under the fire of 10 arrow carts, you could be interested in our guild. We are recruiting all classes and levels, but we hate pve scrubs. We plan to build a team of 10+ players. As we are a WvW only guild representing is required only when you are in our group/party playing wvw with us. Of course if you join us and then don't represent and don't play wvw at all we'll be happy to kick you back to your pve contents! We use Mumble for team communication. If you’re interested feel free to open a new topic and ask more questions.


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